Sit spot challenge – sky

I have recently embarked on a 30 day sit spot challenge. The sit spot, for those that aren’t aware, is a location that you can easily get to and be with nature. All the guidance that I have heard about the sit spot is that it shouldn’t be more than a 5 minute walk from your residence. If your spot is further than that, you are likely to talk yourself out of going. My sit spot is on the porch of an old shed. It is steps from my house and provides me a little bit of shelter from the weather.

The specific sit spot challenge that I am participating in has daily invitations. These invitations are suggestions to help you engage with the environment. They can be anything from “What do you hear”, to “Draw something from nature that you find at your spot”. These invitations are intended to build your awareness of what is happening around you. Today’s invitation was “notice the sky.”

Although it is not required, I bring a journal with me to my sit spot. My journal collects specific observations such as what birds do I see today and what is the weather. But it also collects my rambling thoughts, ideas, and doodles.

One of my latest fun activities with the journal has been to write poetry. Specifically, I have been attempting to write haikus. There is so much about haikus that I still need to learn, and I am definitely a novice at the practice. But, with all that said, I still enjoy the process of observing and then attempting to put those observations into haiku structure. Below is my haiku on the sky:

  • A gray barrier
  • Separates me from space
  • A spring storm has passed

I am wondering, do you have an daily practice that helps you connect with nature?


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  1. I love the notion of a ‘sit spot.’ Some of my favourites are rocks – well, glacial erratics. Haiku is definitely one of those gateway poetry’ drugs’! 🙂 It may become habit forming from your sit spot.

    1. I agree with the habit forming potential of haiku and sit spot. There is something great about trying to condense a nature experience into a few concise lines.

  2. I love the idea of a “sit spot”. I write a daily haiku that captures a moment or a memory from my daily run, but by their nature they are fleeting impressions. The idea having a spot where one sits and soaks up the surroundings – the sights and sounds, in different weather conditions, different light, and so on is a lovely idea and one that I think I will take up – thank you for being an inspiration. Now I just have to choose where it is going to be!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and sharing a bit about your process for writing haikus! When you find a sit spot that works for you, please let me know about it. I am always interested in hearing about other people’s experiences connecting to nature.

  3. there’s a thought – I have a foldable chair in the shed which can come out into the yard… – also have my favourite willow in the park 5′ down the lane. I sometimes go and do bit of chi gong tree exercise under her ‘wings’. My favorite haiku-making moment at the moment though is waking up and listening to the chirps punctuated by small owl in the distance.

    1. Chi gong under the tree sounds like such a great way to become grounded and aligned with the world around you. Especially when you talk about practicing under her “wings”. It’s magical. Thanks for sharing!

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