Sit Spot Haiku

This week’s sit spot haiku:

  • As the sun rises
  • The neighborhood comes alive
  • Rejoice in bird song!

What is the sit spot?

A sit spot is a foundational practice for many people who are looking to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. The sit spot is a place where you can go and be with nature.  You use this spot to observe, investigate, and explore the natural world. It is a place that helps you connect to a place.  A sit spot can be in the wilderness, but it can also be in the suburbs or the city. 

 The Wilderness Awareness School says there are three factors to consider when choosing your sit spot:

First, you should feel safe in this place. Second, there should be at least some components of nature present, make sure that you are least outdoors. Finally, the convenience of your spot is critical. The closer your sit spot is to your home, the more likely you’ll visit it regularly. It should be less than a five-minute walk from your front door.

What to learn more about the sit spot? Check out the  Wilderness Awareness School’s Core Routine section.

Does nature inspire you to write poetry or do something else creative? Please share. I am always interested in how others engage with the natural world.


3 thoughts on “Sit Spot Haiku

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  1. Reblogged this on Meditation.Works and commented:
    This is an EXCELLENT practice, and I highly recommend doing this every day if you can! The therapeutic benefits of connecting with nature this way cannot be extolled too much! As always, Happy Meditating… and this time, as spring and summer are upon us, Happy Meditating in your sit spot in nature! Thanks for creating this lovely blog post, Richard Louv… Namaste!

  2. One of the best blog posts I’ve read in a LONG time! Quite worth the re-blog! Thanks for this… it’s a little gem! I will not always think about my “sit spot” as I take time out in my nature walks to meditate and be one with nature. Namaste, Richard Louv!

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