My Nature Connection Journal

I am introducing a new feature to this site!

My Nature Connection Journal is a bit of an experiment. The Journal is an attempt to track all my first encounters with non-human species throughout the year starting on April 22, 2021. My hope is to have an extensive list of birds, animals, and plants with links going back to any posts that I create about the specific species.

Since this is a new project, I welcome any thoughts, ideas, or strategies that others have used in their own nature journal. And even though I am taking on this experiment, I don’t think I am going to give up my paper journal just yet. I will still need the notebook when I am out walking around the woods. With all that said, I do hope that this page becomes a great container for me to record and track my experiences.

Below is a screen of shot of the Bird Connection section.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I deepen my connection to nature. I look forward to sharing my observations with you all and I am interested in hearing about your travels.

Be Well,


Photo by Simon Migaj on

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