Sit Spot Haiku -Rain

Today’s Haiku:

  • Rain taps the tin roof
  • Droplets reflect the gray sky
  • The dove pecks the ground

As I continue on my journey of nature connection, the sit spot practice remains a constant. Sometimes the red squirrels and the dark-eyed juncos come to visit, sometimes I sit alone. Sometimes there is a lot happening, and sometimes it is quiet. Today, I sat with the rain.

Have you been inspired to write a poetry after spending time outside? Feel free to share or add a link to your favorite nature poem!

What is the sit spot?

A sit spot is a foundational practice for many people who are looking to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. The sit spot is a place where you can go and be with nature.  You use this spot to observe, investigate, and explore the natural world. It is a place that helps you connect to a place.  A sit spot can be in the wilderness, but it can also be in the suburbs or the city. 

 The Wilderness Awareness School says there are three factors to consider when choosing your sit spot:

First, you should feel safe in this place. Second, there should be at least some components of nature present, make sure that you are least outdoors. Finally, the convenience of your spot is critical. The closer your sit spot is to your home, the more likely you’ll visit it regularly. It should be less than a five-minute walk from your front door.

What to learn more about the sit spot? Check out the  Wilderness Awareness School’s Core Routine section.


5 thoughts on “Sit Spot Haiku -Rain

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  1. I’m not one to sit still, it’s just not me. I spend a lot of time outside, my rhythm flows with the nature around me to where animals have come to gravitate to me. Birds, rabbits, deer, for a time a coyote, and every now and then a lost dog comes to lay beside me, exhausted and thirsty. If I break my flow by trying to stop and take a picture of the experience the animals panic. They think if I’ve stopped still to take a picture that something is wrong and they panic. To them this action is akin to one who stops to smell the air because they’ve sensed an unseen danger. As you keep sitting in your spot regularly the birds and squirrels with start to assume that this is your nature and will likely become emboldened to come closer to you. Once you move however, they’ll assume you have been startled from your state and scatter away.

    1. What a great observation of the nature of our energy and how the changes in our energy effects the beings around us! One thing that I have also noticed is that I can sometimes sit and watch birds and they will not mind presence. But once I pick up a camera to take their picture they are gone. It is almost the intention of taking their picture shifts my energy enough that they want to leave. Thanks again for your comment!

  2. Nature never fails to inspire me. She’s moody and unpredictable. Sometimes she is soothing and sometimes she is terrifying. But she is never dull. Loved your haiku. I could see it all perfectly.

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