Sunday’s Photo Post is trying its hand at nature photography. We started an Instagram account with the goal capturing those everyday moments of nature connection. With a quick photo and some research, we hope to expand our understanding of the world around us.

Here are four of my favorite photos from IG last week. Enjoy!

White Spring Moth:

I am pretty sure that this little guy is a White Spring Moth. I found him sitting on a blade of grass as I was out with my dogs one morning. I was very happy that he sat and posed for me.

Purple and White Petunias

This flowers are sitting on our deck. Many thanks to Sallie for keeping the gardens going.

The Musk Mallow

The Musk Mallow, or Malva moschata, was once used by the ancient Greeks to decorate the graves of trusted friends. Although I wasn’t able to find the exact reason for this, it is thought that the flower had a divine connection to Venus the Greek goddess of love.

False Hellebore

Veratrum viride, or False Hellebore, is a species native to eastern and western North America. It is toxic and will cause vomiting and respiratory issues if ingested.

What to see more of our photos? Check out our IG page.


18 thoughts on “Sunday’s Photo Post

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    1. Thanks Ashley! I use inaturalist frequently. I haven’t used their new identification app, have you? I would be interested in seeing how it works.

      1. I signed up recently to do some data recording of rockpools and it was suggested that we beginners take photos at the scene then upload them when at home! I suppose eventually I’ll get around using the app. Unfortunately, I’ve only managed to get to the coast on one occasion this summer! 🙋‍♂️

  1. thanks for your images and writing Mark; I am right now trying to tame the wildflower meadow my back yard lawn turned into, not knowing what’s what, and I am waiting for my ash tree to recover from being moved: it is only 140cm high and it had to be moved as it was going to affect a wall nearby (started from self-seeding). Now the leaves are all very limp, some starting to get very dry. Have watered and fed horse manure. I guess it’s now a case of wait and see…

    1. Hi Barbara, that sounds like there is a lot going on in your yard. Hopefully, the tree is just feeling a little shock and will recover shortly.

      1. thanks for your encouragement Mark. Well, I bought some inexpensive shears for the meadow and shall not give up on the ash tree as yet – looks more like a major breakdown it’s going through though.

  2. Wow! Beautiful 😊🌸 I have never seen a moth like that in my life 😶 amazing and the flowers, I love flowers and your photos make me want to pick them 😍🌸 lol thank you for sharing

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