Sunday Photo Recap

Welcome to our Sunday photo recap.

In today’s post we are going to share some of the photos that didn’t make it to the website and will highlight the work of a member from the Instagram community. Enjoy!

From the NaturalistWeekly Instagram Account:

Red and Yellow Echinacea


This multi-colored Echinacea plant is growing in our garden. It is one of two Echinacea plants that are doing really well this year. I bet we will have a few more photos of these flowers before the season is over.

Garden Tiger Moth

Garden Tiger Moth

Friday was the start of National Moth Week and we wanted to start the week with this garden tiger moth. This moth, which is found in North America and Europe, enjoys the cooler climates.

White Moth and White Spider

White Moth and White Spider

I actually don’t know what kind of moth this is. I am thinking it might be a Snowy Geometer Moth. I shared a version of this photo in my post The Poetry of Moths. However, when I was looking for a photo for IG, I noticed the spider below the moth. I thought this was just to good to let go.

From the NaturalistWeekly IG Community: Wildlife_Drummer_Girl

Freya operates the IG site @wildlife_drummer_girl. She describes herself as a, “Young naturalist passionate about wildlife, nature and the environment” and operates this site with the help of her mom. Check out these great moth photos that she collected over the last couple of weeks. Amazing!

If you are on Instagram, make sure you go follow Freya @wildlife_drummer_girl.

What to see more of our photos? Join our growing IG community at @NaturalistWeekly


7 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Recap

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  1. I really like these three pictures together, they compliment each other. The best I can describe it is that the dominant color of one picture is a non-dominant color in one of the other pictures. Have a good week!

    1. Hi Melanie, thanks for that reflection on the photos! I wish I could say that was intentional but it wasn’t. I think it was just a happy accident!

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