“From her heart a tree grows”

fallen log with moss

sitting silently

from her heart a tree grows

ancient mosses

Melanie at The Nature Led Life proposed an experiment to help visualize the branching of knowledge.

While she was reading The Book of Tress by Manuel Lima, a phrase came to her mind.

“From her heart grows a tree”

From this phrase, she proposed a collaborative project. The process goes like this.

  • Melanie’s post is the trunk. Then other people add on the branches of knowledge.
  • Branches are any post that include “from her heart grows a tree”. This can be a poem, a short story, a couple of sentences, a picture with the phrase as the title, anything will work.
  • You then connect your post back to Melanie’s post by sharing your link in her comment section.

Melanie added a deadline of August 2, 2021 so that she can create a visual knowledge tree to share back with everyone.

This sounds like a great way to promote nature connection so I am joining in.

I do realize that I got didn’t exactly follow the instruction because I reversed some of the words. But I think it still works.


  1. Nature Led Life
  2. The Book of Tree by Manuel Lima

15 thoughts on ““From her heart a tree grows”

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  1. You did see the update! Thank you so much for participating, Mark! I love it! It will work as a search engine branch because the word phrase is correct in the post, even if it is not in the exact order in the haiku. The haiku, still holds the primary growth of the social aspect of the experiment. I love it! Thanks again!

  2. This is beautiful, Mark. I like the twist you put on it to show how the tree shelters other forms of life such as the mosses growing on the trunk. Such a lovely photograph too.
    I hope you don’t mind that I copied and pasted the instructions from your post to mine as I didn’t realise I was running out of time. You worded it better than I could anyway!

    1. Hi Lesley, I am glad that you enjoyed the haiku! I had actually been holding on to that picture for a little bit and wondering where to use it. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. Definitely fine about copying the instructions. I am looking forward to seeing what you wrote.

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