Poems about Leaves

With the leaves dropping from the branches, and the flowers curling in on themselves, the poets are spurred to pick up their pens and write about these transitions. Today we have three poems about leaves.

Poems about Apples

From the budding apple tree to the fall harvest, each moment of an apple’s life can find its way into poetic verse.  Today we have collected four poems from four poets that will take you from the apple blossom to the apple harvest. 


Lilacs, besides being truly beautiful plants to look at, have their roots firmly planted in human history through poetry and literature. 


As the flowers from the Pin Cherry tree drop away, the white flowers of the Chokecherry emerge to take their place on the landscape. The woody plant known as Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana) grows as a shrub or small tree under 30 feet in height. It often grows in dense thickets and in damp, rich soils. ... Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms

How many, many things They call to mind These cherry blossoms! ~Matsuo Basho Japan-Guide.com In Basho's home country of Japan there are over one hundred varieties of cherry trees. The most popular cherry tree in Japan is known as Somei Yoshino.  The Somei Yoshino was heavily cultivated in Tokyo during the Edo Period, which is... Continue Reading →

NW Investigates: Phytoncides

Resources: Forest Bathing by Dr. Qing LiWalk in the woods for wellness: Health benefits of forestsForest Therapy Association of the AmericasPhytoncides: The Science Behind Forest Bathing BenefitsJapanese “forest medicine” is the science of using nature to heal yourself—wherever you are

Observations and Investigation-Marcescence

Nature connection practitioners often talk about the art of questioning as a key to developing a greater understanding of the natural world.  This week my investigation started as I walked past an American Beech tree with its crinkled brown leaves dangling from otherwise barren branches. I hadn’t really investigated this phenomenon before, and as I... Continue Reading →

American Beech – ID Sheet

Common Name: American Beech Scientific Name: Fagus grandifolia Other Names: North American Beech Identification: Smooth gray bark50-70 feet tall with rounded crownAlternate leave growthLeaves are elliptical, single toothed, and dark greenLeaves often stay on the tree during the winter Habitat: Grows in mix hardwood forestFound in moist or loamy soilsGrows in coastal areas and up... Continue Reading →

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