Micro-season: “Geese Fly North”

We have entered the micro-season of “Geese Fly North”. To honor this season we look at bird migration patterns and read haiku by Basho, Issa, Shiki, and Buson.

Poems About The Northern Cardinal

“With a rare leaf for a roof in the rain,/With a rare cap for his cardinal hood,/The cardinal bird remains”-Orrick Johns. The Northern Cardinal is a striking bird that has captured the imagination of poets for generations. To honor this bird, we are reading cardinal related poetry for Orrick Johns, Nancy McCleery, and Alfred Noyes.

Poetry About Mourning Doves

“The mourning dove/ wearing noon’s aureole/ coos from the rhododendron”(excerpt from “What the Dove Sings” by Carol Frost) Today we honor the mourning dove with poems by Emily Dickinson, Joe Tessitor, Carol Frost, and Galway Kinnel.

Poems About Owls

The owl, with its nocturnal lifestyle and distinct appearance has made it the perfect subject for poetry. Today we have poems from Issa, Alan Watts, Emily Dickinson, and many more.

Poems About Wild Geese

The Canadian Geese migration is one of those amazing feats of the natural world. When you think about this, and then watch them fly in their V formation, it makes sense that poets would incorporate them into their verse. Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry are two poets who took note of these birds and incorporated it into verse.

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