Some Prose About Poetry

Three resources that explore the challenges and benefits of reading and writing poetry,. These sources also offer insight into the ways we can learn and grow with poetry.

Visualizing Nature: Essays on Truth, Spirit, and Philosophy

Visualizing Nature: Essays on Truth, Spirit, and Philosophy, is edited by Stuart Kestenbaum. In this book, Kestenbaum asked the essayist “How does nature speak to you? And how do you listen to nature?’ Each essayist responded in their own way harnessing their personal experience and expertise to share stories about forests, deserts, coral reefs, and shorelines.

Conscious Nature by Josh Lane

"If one takes the view that all of life is Sacred and connected to the Great Mystery, then all of Nature becomes a doorway to the Infinite" Josh Lane, Conscious Nature Josh Lane is a nature mentor with a diverse background that includes yoga, meditation practices, holistic tracking, bird language and wilderness skills. Conscious Nature:... Continue Reading →

Our Wild Calling by Richard Louv

I first became aware of Richard Louv's work when I read Last Child in The Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, (2008). In this book, Louv explores the emerging research on the beneficial impacts of nature on the well-being of children. Louv suggests that a lack of nature connection in the lives of children... Continue Reading →

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