Contemplating Charles Foster’s Essay “Against Nature Writing”

Charles Foster declares “I’m losing confidence in words” in the opening lines of his July, 2021 essay “Against Nature Writing”. In this article, I will explore Foster's argument and then propose that haiku could be the solution.

Exploring Basho’s Moon

Basho's poem about the moon glow and the drifting clouds makes me think about the Buddhist teaching of the Two Truths. However, I wanted to know what other people thought. So I asked and what I learned was pretty fascinating.

Micro-Season: The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow

We successfully moved into the micro-season of “The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow”, which means we are coming to the end of the mini season of Frost Descent. As the name of this micro-season suggests, we are highlighting the change in foliage that occurs with deciduous trees. Basho, Issa, and T'ao Ch'ien contribute to this reflection with their seasonal poems.

Porches and Sitting Rooms

The porch is this amazing human creation that allows us to be outside, yet maintain the safety of the indoors. Charlie Hailey, in a recent essay printed in Orion Magazine, provides us with an exploration into how the porch can be a doorway between us and the natural world.

American Red Squirrel

Over the past few months, I have made friends with a couple of red squirrels. Well, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. It is closer to the truth to say that we have learned to coexist on this little plot of land. The red squirrel is one of the smaller tree squirrels.... Continue Reading →

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