Sit Spot Haiku -Amber Snail

Today's Haiku: Early morning dewGathers in the unkept grassA snail emerges Snails are classified as gastropod mollusks. What this means that they are part of the larger mollusk phylum which includes snails, slugs, mussels, and octopuses. The more specific class gastropod, or gastropoda, narrows this group to snails and slugs. Gastropods either have a univalve... Continue Reading →

Sit Spot Haiku -Winter Wren

Today's Haiku: From the distant treesA melodic musicalA winter wren song I had recently heard a friend describe the Winter Wren song as the electric guitar solo of the bird world. I think that is a good description of their cascading, bubbly song that last anywhere between 5 - 10 seconds. Click the link below... Continue Reading →

Sit Spot Haiku -Rain

Today's Haiku: Rain taps the tin roofDroplets reflect the gray skyThe dove pecks the ground As I continue on my journey of nature connection, the sit spot practice remains a constant. Sometimes the red squirrels and the dark-eyed juncos come to visit, sometimes I sit alone. Sometimes there is a lot happening, and sometimes it... Continue Reading →

The poetry of crows

The crows have captured my attention this week. I have been noticing these birds a lot when I have been out in town or at my sit spot. Yesterday afternoon, as I was wandering through the woods enjoy the warm weather, I was jolted by the sound of a crow. This experience inspired me to... Continue Reading →

A single snowflake

A single snowflakeFalls gently onto my kneeSlowly, it disappears Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley is the man that took the study of snowflakes to another level. Born in 1865, Bentley was a farmer in rural Vermont who pioneered photomicrography. Photomicrography is the process of taking photos under a microscope. Bentley used this process to study rain, dew,... Continue Reading →

Golden Trumpets

Golden TrumpetsClustered on a stumpTrue nature revealed Xeromphalina campanella, also known as Golden Trumpets, bell Omphalina, or fuzzy foot, is a small fragile mushroom that is found growing on decaying coniferous stumps and logs. One of seven species and Xeromphalina, the Golden Trumpet is the most abundant and widespread in North America. It is said... Continue Reading →

Sit Spot Haiku – Spring Snow

Today's Haiku: Budding red mapleFramed by the silent gray skyWelcome the spring snow Haikus are quickly becoming an integral part of my sit spot practice. I have found this process of putting my experience into the short, concise form of a Haiku beneficial to expanding my awareness to what is happening around me. I usually... Continue Reading →

Sit Spot Haiku

This week’s sit spot haiku: As the sun risesThe neighborhood comes aliveRejoice in bird song! What is the sit spot? A sit spot is a foundational practice for many people who are looking to develop a deeper connection to the natural world. The sit spot is a place where you can go and be with... Continue Reading →

Sit spot challenge – sky

I have recently embarked on a 30 day sit spot challenge. The sit spot, for those that aren't aware, is a location that you can easily get to and be with nature. All the guidance that I have heard about the sit spot is that it shouldn't be more than a 5 minute walk from... Continue Reading →

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