Poems About the Moon

From Li Bai, to Kobayashi Issa, to Wallace Stevens, poets across time have tried to capture the moon’s mysterious nature into verse. Today we have seven examples of the moon’s presence in the poetic form.

Poems About Owls

The owl, with its nocturnal lifestyle and distinct appearance has made it the perfect subject for poetry. Today we have poems from Issa, Alan Watts, Emily Dickinson, and many more.

Micro-Season: The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow

We successfully moved into the micro-season of “The Maple and Ivy Turn Yellow”, which means we are coming to the end of the mini season of Frost Descent. As the name of this micro-season suggests, we are highlighting the change in foliage that occurs with deciduous trees. Basho, Issa, and T'ao Ch'ien contribute to this reflection with their seasonal poems.

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