Poems about Mushrooms

Emily Dickinson wrote: “Had Nature an Apostate-/ That Mushroom -it is Him!”. These lines seem to be a recognition that mushrooms don't follow all the laws of nature. Mushrooms are a breed unto themselves. Today we have four poems that investigate the fungal kingdom.

Dryad’s Saddle

This beautiful bracket mushroom's scientific name is Polyporus squamosus. It's common name is Dryad's Saddle.  These polyporus fungus can either grow on fallen logs and tree stumps in a saprophytic relationship, or may be found as a parasitic growth on hardwood trees such as maple and elm. They have widespread distribution including being found in... Continue Reading →

Golden Trumpets

Golden TrumpetsClustered on a stumpTrue nature revealed Xeromphalina campanella, also known as Golden Trumpets, bell Omphalina, or fuzzy foot, is a small fragile mushroom that is found growing on decaying coniferous stumps and logs. One of seven species and Xeromphalina, the Golden Trumpet is the most abundant and widespread in North America. It is said... Continue Reading →

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