Black-Capped Chickadee

The Black-Capped Chickadee is a small songbird common to the Northern United States and Southern Canada. Its characteristic black cap and throat with white cheek makes it fairly easy to recognize. The Chickadee, who feeds on seeds, insects and spiders, can often be seen sharing its space with other small birds such as the Nuthatches or Juncos. The Chickadee also has a distinct undulating flight pattern, usually only over short distances. 

Today at my sit spot, I was watching a small flock of Chickadees participating in the morning feeder activities. The Chickadees were jumping from the ground, to bare branches of the lilac bush, to the feeder, and then back into the trees. They seemed undisturbed by the other small birds and the larger Mourning Dove that joined them in the forage.

These Chickadees were unusually quiet this morning. Only occasionally did I hear the typical “fee-bee, fee-bee-be” call amongst the constant “tew-tew-tew” of the Juncos. 

One thing that constantly amazes me is how much there is to see and learn about in the natural world. Just watching the interaction of different bird species reveals that there is a level of social dynamics going on there that I would never know about unless I took the time to slow down and “see” what is around me.

Were you able to get outside today? What did you see that you may have not noticed before?



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